Ali is an Equipilates™  Trainer and Level 3 Pilates Instructor.


This means she has specific tools to help people correct their positions on and off the horse to become more effective in the saddle.

Ali works on rider Alignment, Breathing and Core muscles to help riders become more aware of the parts of their bodies they may need to switch on or off, and how to locate the muscles in which to help them do this.

So what does Equipilates™ work improve for the rider?

  • Stability in the saddle

  • confidence and a feeling of being more secure

  • The ability to react quicker, therefore improving timing and consistency of the aids

  • Rider Suppleness and shock absorption

  • A more elegant position

  • Better proprioception

  • Lighter, more effective aids

  • Fitter, more able riders

  • A better partnership with your horse and happier horses!

What can I expect from an Equipilates™ class?

These classes are designed to improve flexibility, rider strength, posture on and off the horse and co-ordination and balance.

Small changes soon add up to a more elegant position, better rider fitness and better partnership with your horse.

Ali finds it extremely useful to be able to teach riders on and off the horse. This helps with queuing for the rider as well as improved feel and body awareness having performed certain movements off Horse first.

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Equipilates Classes 


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