Sympathetic dressage from the horses point of view


My Coaching Philosophy


"I believe you should train the rider, train the horse, and train the horse and rider together. That way any problem in training can be broken down and addressed more easily."

Ali Lane British Dressage (BD) Registered Trainer and UKCC Qualified Coach


“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.”

— Alexander the Great

dressage instructor
Equipilates with Ali


Ali is an Equipilates™  Trainer and Level 3 Pilates Instructor.

This means she has specific tools to help people correct their positions on and off the horse to become more effective in the saddle.

Ali works on rider Alignment, Breathing and Core muscles to help riders become more aware of the parts of their bodies they may need to switch on or off, and how to locate the muscles in which to help them do this.



Biomechanics is the study of movement and the application of mechanical laws to that movement. It can be split into 2 sub catagories- Intrinsic and extrinsic biomechanics. From a riders perspective, extrinsic biomechanics is our posture in the saddle or how we look on a horse. It’s what your trainer sees. It is also known as the riders ‘form’.

Ali has the ability to help correct muscle function and improve both extrinsic and intrinsic biomechanics of the rider. Book your Rider Biomechanics screening here.


'The Dancing Horse' was inspired by my horse of a lifetime, Picco.

The first horse that I truly danced with.