Martha, the Mechanical Horse


Martha, the mechanical horse is a great tool to help riders with all kinds of issues.
She doesn’t buck, rear or bolt and has the added advantage of having no straightness issues, that a real horse may have.

This is hugely beneficial for riders to work on their own asymmetries, confidence, timing of the aids, as well as movements such as flying changes or tempi changes.

As well as these advantages it allows Ali to work with any restrictions in the riders body and give prescriptive exercises to enable the rider to work on the issues at home, not just during the session.

Martha can help with the following rider issues:

  • one-sidedness/crookedness
  • timing of the aids
  • confidence issues
  • rehabilitation after accident or injury
  • becoming more effective in the saddle
  • improve sitting trot without detriment to your own horse
  • jumping position
  • half seat
  • visualisation in movement
  • improve rider fitness
  • develop a more correct and effective position
  • improve use of rider core muscles
  • greater body awareness

Martha is a great experience that every rider can gain something from!