Equipilates™  with Ali Lane, Affiliated instructor.

Equipilates™  with Ali Lane, Affiliated instructor.


Posture and Performance Pilates for Riders. 

£50 for 5 week course. 

Ali can help you help correct your positions on and off the horse to become more effective in the saddle.

Ali works on rider Alignment, Breathing and Core muscles to help riders become more aware of the parts of their bodies they may need to switch on or off, and how to locate the muscles in which to help them do this.

So what does Equipilates™ work improve for the rider?

  • Stability in the saddle
  • confidence and a feeling of being more secure
  • The ability to react quicker, therefore improving timing and consistency of the aids
  • Rider Suppleness and shock absorption
  • A more elegant position
  • Better proprioception
  • Lighter, more effective aids
  • Fitter, more able riders
  • A better partnership with your horse and happier horses!

Please complete online form to confirm your place. 

  • What should I wear to the session? 

Whatever you feel comfortable to move about in. You can wear your riding clothing/ gym wear. 

  • What do I need to bring? 

Please bring a gym ball and 90cm foam roller. All other equipment, including mats are included.

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This PAR-Q is designed to help you to help yourself.

Many benefits are associated with regular exercise, and completion of the PAR-Q is a sensible first step to take if you are planning to increase the amount of exercise in your life. For most people, physical activity should not pose a problem or hazard. The PAR-Q has been designed to identify the small number of people for whom physical activity might be inappropriate or for those who should seek medical advice concerning the type of activity most suitable for them.

Common sense is your best guide for answering the PAR-Q questions. 

The pilates session will consist of a warm up phase, a main phase and closing phase.

Potential Risks - The Pilates session is designed to place a gradually increasing workload on the muscular systems and thereby improve function. The reaction of the muscular system cannot always be predicted and may result in changes related to blood pressure or heart rate.

Potential Benefits - Imporved muscular fitness and motor skills, improved flexibility, posture, tone and shape. Improvement in psychological function. Feeling of wellbeing and improved back care.

All information obtained will be treated as private and confidential.